BTS Sasaeng With No Pants Spotted Following BTS At Incheon Airport

This female “fan” has repeatedly been accused of sasaeng behavior.

A pantless BTS “fan” was recently spotted following BTS at the Incheon International Airport.


On January 14, this female fan, an alleged sasaeng, was spotted emerging from the same gate as BTS. She appeared to be wearing either hot pants or no pants at all.


Rather than standing where other fans were gathered, she closely followed the members across the airport…


…until a staff member nudged her aside.


Fans snapped several photos that show how much  closer this woman was to the members, compared to other fans.


Outraged netizens claim that this is not the first time this woman has followed BTS…


…and many have called her behavior “disrespectful”, even “disgusting”.


She is believed to be one of the sasaengs included on BigHit Entertainment’s updated blacklist, though this has not officially been confirmed.

BigHit Bans Long List Of Sasaengs, Publicly Shames Them


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