BTS Scores Another Major Brand Deal With Upcoming Converse X BT21 Collaboration

These amazing sneakers will be available for purchase on July 27th!

Following BT21’s collaboration with Facebook Messenger, it has been revealed that BT21’s collaboration with the American footwear brand Converse will be released in Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China on July 27th!


The collaboration will offer a limited-edition line of Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers, whose design and creation has been strongly influenced by the BTS members.


Here are the three models that will be available for purchase soon:

<Converse X BT21 Chuck Taylor All Star Low – Black>

<Converse X BT21 Chuck Taylor All Star Low – White>

<Converse X BT21 Chuck Taylor All Star – Black>


The creative sneakers will come in a BT21 design shoebox with 8 customized badges, shoelaces and even a BT21 labeled tote bag!


Prices are set at 95,000 KRW ($84 USD) for low cut sneakers and 99,000 KRW ($87 USD) for high cut sneakers.


Meanwhile, fans (and their wallets) are excited yet tortured by the numerous BT21 collaborations which will be overlapping with BTS’ concert in August as well as their exhibition, summer package and many more!

“ARMYs are currently experiencing an AEP (Army Economic Problem).

Summer festival
ANSWER album
Army bomb 3
Concert MD
Exhibition MD
BT21 Converse sneakers
BT21 latest products
BT21 pajamas

Ha…there goes my wallet”


Nonetheless, they are extremely proud of BT21 for all of the collaborations they’ve done with major brands within such a short period of time!

“BT21 is working really hard. It feels like they’re doing collaborations and advertisements that can’t afford BTS instead lol. Dunkin, Converse, Paris Baguette…it’s branching out farther and farther lol.”

Source: 1boon