BTS Proves They Are The King Of Album Sales With Second Highest Album Sales in 2018

Another achievement for BTS!

On the 6th of January, Forbes stated that BTS had made it to second place on Top Artists By Album Sales chart in Buzz Angle Music‘s 2018 Year-End Report (US).

If 2017 was the year BTS burst onto the American scene, 2018 was the year they flaunted their staying power.

– Forbes

Combining the sales of two albums BTS released in 2018 – Love Yourself: Tear and Love Yourself: Answer – BTS sold a total of 603,307 album copies in the US.

This puts BTS in second place on the Top Artists By Album Sales chart, second only to Eminem who sold 755,027 copies total.

Both of BTS’s albums made it onto Top Albums by Sales chart too, Love Yourself: Tear placing at 14th, and Love Yourself: Answer at 18th.

BTS also found themselves at 15th place on Top Artists by Total Consumption chart.

BTS has already earned the title of million seller and double million seller in Korea, having sold 1,835,012 copies of Love Yourself: Tear and 2,169,519 copies of Love Yourself: Answer in Korea.

But now they have proven that their power isn’t just restricted to Korea!

BTS truly is the King of album sales.

Source: StarNews and Forbes


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