BTS Shares The Number 1 Thing They Would Do If They Had Free Time

Here’s what each member would like to do the most in their free time!

In the latest episode of Burn The Stage, BTS shared the number 1 thing they would do if they had some free time on their hands.

Burn The Stage is a documentary that follows the K-Pop group BTS into the behind-the-scenes of their sold-out world tour.


Jin said the thing he’d like to do the most was go fishing with his dad, and V said he’d like to travel and take photos of everything with his camera.

“I want to try fishing with my father.” ㅡ Jin

“I want to travel with my camera and take photos of everything.” ㅡ V


Jin had previously shown his fishing skills on the program Law of the Jungle where he caught two fish! He probably imagined teaching his father a tip or two about fishing!


And many already know that one of V’s hobbies is photography!


He has posted some amazing photos of nature in the past!


Jungkook expressed that he’d like to hurry up and open up the packages he had at home, which suggested that the group’s passionate efforts for the tour had not even allowed them the time to check their mail.

“I have a lot of packages stacked up. I want to hurry and open them.” ㅡJungkook


And J-Hope wished to rest at home, playing with his puppy and eating his mother’s cooking, while RM indicated that he’d like to organize the action figures he’d accumulated in the past year and regain his energy by looking at them.

“Going home and just getting some rest? (I want to) play with my puppy and eat my mom’s cooking.” ㅡ J-Hope

“I want to organize the action figures I’ve collected for over a year. I want to heal my mind while looking at them.” ㅡ RM


J-Hope has a cute little Shih Tzu named Mickey and after seeing Mickey’s picture, it’s no wonder J-Hope just wants to stay home and play with it!


Moreover, it is obvious how much RM loves his action figures when watching this clip of him showing off his new toys like a kid!


BTS still has a packed schedule for the next couple of months, but let’s hope the boys get a good vacation off soon!

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Source: Insight