BTS’s Universe Just Became An Interactive AU — You Control Their Fate

ARMYs can now be directly involved with BTS’s story for the “BTS Universe”.

One choice can change everything in the BTS Universe (BU), and now ARMY has the power to make it.

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Ever since BTS introduced a tragic, time-traveling plot in their music videos that became The Notes 1 and the Save Me webtoon, fans have been begging the writers to give BTS’s characters a happy ending.

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Earlier this month, the Flower Smeraldo blog and Smeraldo Books Twitter account both reactivated and drew fans back into the BU with new clues and “Notes” (diary entries from BTS that give insight into their characters’ struggles).

Now, things are getting more complicated! On July 29, Smeraldo Books posted their first-ever poll that lets fans vote on a decision that can alter BTS’s destiny.

The poll is reminding many fans of the interactive AU (alternate universe) fanfictions that ARMYs have made on Twitter, including the popular horror fics Outcast by @flirtaus and The Silent One by @filmfics.

So, will you choose A or B? Think carefully. The fate of BTS rests in your hands!

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