The BTS Members Get Sentimental Reflecting Back On “SPEAK YOURSELF: The Final”

“I don’t think I can ever forget those moments.”

BTS‘s latest release is bringing back a nostalgic memory for ARMY worldwide. From their 2019 tour, “LOVE YOURSELF, SPEAK YOURSELF: The Final” in Seoul marked some of their final days with fans before the spread of COVID-19.

During those times, the members were able to reflect on those beautiful times, thanking fans for their attendance…

…recalling every stage from those days…

…and sharing just how happy they were.

Not only do the members capture their nostalgic moments, they also go behind the scenes.

From their hilarious moments that happen behind closed doors…

…to the sentimental tears they shed on stage, the members show it all.

Relive the memories as they interact with fans during these iconic shows!

Let’s bring back the vibes from SY: Seoul Final!

— Suga

Watch the full trailer below.


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