Here’s What The BTS Members Would Tell Their Past Selves During Each Era

Things got deep.

BTS went on a rollercoaster of emotions as they explained their feelings from debut to present day in an interview with Spotify. Recalling what they would tell their past selves with the knowledge they have now, BTS proved how wise they are with their knowledgeable answers.

BTS | Weverse

Jungkook shared that during BTS’s early days, he wouldn’t tell his past self anything in fear of altering the future.

If the BTS members knew of their coming success, it might have changed their behavior in some way.

J-Hope reinforces this idea by just telling his past self to keep going on the path he’s already on.

He would leave out all of the crazy details for him to find out when he gets to the future!

Just like the “butterfly effect,” changing something about the past may lead to a different outcome.

At the mid-point in their career, around the Love Yourself series, BTS hit a rough patch. Jimin admits that all he would do is thank ARMY for their undying support throughout the hard times.

At first, V decided he would boldly tell his past self of the troubles he would experience.

However, the other members were certain that would scare off his past self…

…so in the end, he realized ignorance is bliss!

During their preparations for their BE album in the pandemic, Suga would let himself know that big things are ahead, including the massive success of “Dynamite.”

Check out their full video with Spotify below.