BTS Take A Trip Down Memory Lane, Spilling TMI On Some Iconic Moments From Their Early Career

They spilled TMI on some iconic moments!

When BTS debuted all the way back in 2013, the members probably wouldn’t have been able to predict the popularity and success the group would achieve. Over the years, the members have spread their influence globally with their music, messages of hope, and charming personalities.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Recently, BTS took a trip down memory lane ahead of their highly anticipated comeback by appearing in a video with Spotify. During the short video, the members went back to the past and recalled some memorable moments from their past.

In particular, the video seemed to bring out the nostalgic side of the members.

Jin was the first member to take a trip to the past. He recalled that the group had been talking about something in the green room which suddenly appeared in his head.

In the green room, we talked about eating jajangmyeon (black bean noodles) in the empty house without knowing that it was empty.

— Jin

The other members seemed to remember, and RM clarified that “empty house” might cause confusion for those watching, so Jin explained that it was actually their old house. Suga even joked that Jin should’ve said, “The empty house that we still have a lease on.

Even though the members might have moved out, some of the group shared they still sometimes visit to remember the old days when they were trainees and after they debuted.

J-Hope: I recently passed by the street nearby.

RM: I visit nearby once a year.

Suga: I often go there too.

J-Hope: It hasn’t changed much.

They even went further back and recalled some moments that ARMY might be aware of and others that might be new, particularly when it came to the big events for the members like graduations.

Jin: And when we all went to Jungkook’s high school graduation, and he treated us all to jajangmyeon.

J-Hope: We all went to Jungkook’s high school graduation and that was just after debut.

For many ARMY, this was an iconic moment shared with fans as they watched the group’s youngest member graduate surrounded by his members.


And the moment he really did treat his hyungs to food.

Jungkook treated the rest of BTS when he graduated | @bts_twt/Twitter

The members then hilariously started trying to remember whose graduation they had been to. Once again, the oldest member Jin showcased his memory when he explained what he did for leader RM, and it made everyone LOL.

When RM was taking the college entrance exam, I prepared RM’s lunch box (with J-Hope). We prepared food without seasoning.

— Jin

As expected, BTS never forget their roots, and as well as appreciating where they started, they always look forward to the future. ARMY was with BTS as they started their careers. They look forward to witnessing more memorable moments with the members.

Source: @BTStranslation_


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