BTS Reveals What Meal They’ll Eat Off Of Their Spotify 1 Billion Streams Plaque

They’re hopping on the trend!

BTS has hit another milestone — and an epic celebration is due!

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BTS recently joined the “Billions Club” when “Dynamite” hit one billion streams on Spotify on July 21.

This earned them an iconic Spotify 1 Billion Streams plaque, and recently, artists who achieve the impressive feat are doing a whole lot more than simply displaying it!

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The recent trend is to eat out of the plaque as if it’s a bowl! Artists like Drake, Halsey, Joe Jonas, and more have participated in the fun trend and used it to eat all sorts of foods.

From pasta to candy and hot Cheetos to McDonald’s, nothing is off-limits!

This begged the question: Will BTS participate in the trend and what is their meal of choice?

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During their recent fan meeting, BTS revealed if they receive seven of them, they’ll each enjoy a delicious bowl of kimchi jjigae on the plaques!

Not only is it a staple for Korean culture, it’s also one of BTS’s personal favorites. They can’t get enough of Suga’s delicious recipe that was shown on JTBC’s In The Soop.

With BTS’s track record of crushing goals, the day of them achieving seven Spotify plaques might come sooner than you think!

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