BTS Took A Trip Down Memory Lane In The Latest “Run BTS!” And They Had The Funniest Reactions


During episode 154 of Run BTS!, the BTS members took a trip down memory lane ahead of a small break for the series. Since its first episode, the weekly show has entertained ARMYs worldwide by allowing them to see different sides to the group.

In the latest episode, the members looked at what ARMYs thought of the series after many completed a survey asking different questions on the episodes. In particular, one asked fans which of the episodes was their favorite.

When it came to the episode in first place, there was only one choice ARMYs had, and it was episode one that had over 12,000 votes.

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Of course, the members couldn’t see the answer without taking a trip down memory lane, and they had a look at their first introductions from the show. As expected, each member had a very different reaction.

J-Hope initially seemed to almost cringe seeing his old self, adding that he went too far pulling those faces, but the other members seemed to love it.


Although the oldest group member, Jin proved that he has always been “Worldwide Handsome.” As the youngest member, Jungkook couldn’t get over the fact that all the members were younger than he was now when the episode was first filmed.


Out of all the members, Suga definitely got the best response for his introduction. When asked to describe himself, he chose “A genius,” adding, “I think those two words are enough.” After watching the clip, the members just couldn’t get enough of his confidence, and with a talent like Suga, it was the perfect description.


While their clips were showing, V and RM definitely had expressions that were a mix of nostalgia and embarrassment.


Jimin was the final member to react to his introduction in the first episode. Although Jungkook seemed proud of his hyung‘s confidence, Jimin seemed to cringe at it.


Although years have passed since the first episode in 2015, the members continue to provide entertainment to fans worldwide. Hopefully, the break won’t last too long, and fans can look forward to hilarious Run BTS! content in the future.

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