BTS And Steve Aoki Release “Waste It On Me” Music Video

It’ll leave you LOL’ing, LMAO’ing, and everything in between.

BTS and Steve Aoki‘s latest collaboration hit, ‘Waste It On Me’ finally dropped its official music video after much teasing for months!


As previewed before, Ken Jeong was the star of the music video as he portrayed a waiter who was in love with a celebrity crush.


Ken Jeong perfectly embodied the song’s lyrics as he added in his hilarious flair to show just how much he was in love!


The video portrayed an all-Asian cast with a stellar lineup, featuring some of the most famous Asian celebrities such as Jamie Chung, Ross Butler, Devon Aoki, Ben Baller, Leonardo Nam, Vincent Rodriguez, Jimmy Yang, Jessica Lu, Jared Eng, Tiffany Ma and more!


Who’s got ‘Waste It On Me’ on replay?!