BTS Reportedly Stopped Their Riyadh Rehearsal Out Of Respect For Adhan

The stadium fell silent, according to fans.

BTS are receiving love from fans for a show of respect in Riyadh.


BTS are currently in Saudi Arabia’s capital for a Speak Yourself concert. They received a warm welcome, and are now preparing for their October 11 show.


Fans who gathered outside of King Fahd International Stadium to listen to BTS’s rehearsal say that the stadium fell silent for Adhan.


Adhan (also written as Adhaan, Azaan, Azan, or Athan) is the Islamic call to worship. It is recited by a muezzin (the person appointed at a mosque to lead and recite the call to prayer) several times each day.


Fans are now praising BTS for being respectful of Saudi Arabia’s culture and the Muslim religion.