BTS Struggled With Wi-Fi As They Held 4 Live Broadcasts Back-To-Back

BTS’s biggest challenge yet? New York City’s Wi-Fi.

The struggle was very real on Tuesday night as BTS attempted to hold a live broadcast for ARMY.

Since BTS arrived in New York City, they have been very busy. They have had a full schedule, from addressing the United Nations to speaking at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

From left: BTS’s Jungkook, Jin, Suga, RM, Jimin, J-Hope, and V at the Met. | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Still, they wanted to take some to catch up with ARMY on their trip. So, they went online to hold a live broadcast. But no one was prepared for the obstacles they would face in their attempt.

Things seemed relatively okay at first. The members started singing about Chuseok (Autumn eve) as the holiday came to an end.


They even got into conversation, talking about their family traditions. After just nearly three minutes, their conversation was abruptly interrupted.


Shortly after their live broadcast ended, they returned to explain that the connection was unstable. Still, there was something off…


Their wide-shot of all seven of them appeared vertical rather than horizontal! So, they ended the live broadcast to fix it.


When they returned, trying for the third time, the members asked maknae Jungkook, who was monitoring the situation, if everything looked okay this time. He explained that even viewing it was quite delayed, so it was hard to tell just yet. They’re already missing Korea’s strong Wi-Fi!


This was the best live broadcast of the night yet, as they could keep conversing without major issues for at least seven minutes. All good things must come to an end, though, as it cut them off mid-conversation.


They were not ones to leave ARMY hanging, and they returned to continue the live broadcast once again. Leader RM apologized, saying, “The network is bad here. We’re sorry.” 


They were attempting to tell ARMY about the trip so far, giving an in-depth overview of their schedule over the course of the past couple of days. Unfortunately, the internet cut them off again.


It shocked viewers to see BTS go live so many times back-to-back and for just short amounts of time. It was quite the experience for those who watched.

It was even more surprising to those who saw their notifications too late, realizing they missed four lives. Life goes on?

Worst yet, the live broadcasts had disappeared from BTS’s page as if they had been deleted! So, it seemed like we would never see it at first.

Thankfully, they reappeared later! And about seven hours after they attempted to do a live broadcast, a pre-recorded one was released to make up for the technical difficulties.


It was surely an experience that ARMY will remember for a very long time…

Although it was short, there were many iconic moments throughout the various live broadcasts.

Until BTS return to Korea, it looks like this is the new normal.

Source: BTS