BTS’s Stylists Under Fire Again For Ill-Fitting Outfits At “Golden Disc Awards”

This is not the first time fans are upset with the stylist’s choices.

BTS‘s stylists are under fire again for ill-fitting outfits from the 35th Golden Disc Awards. Both days of their red carpet appearances are subject to criticism from netizens.

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Mainly, they are concerned with BTS’s stylists repeatedly putting them into oversized clothes that need tailoring and have not received the proper alterations to fit their bodies.

  • “Why are they always wearing oversized clothes…?”
  • “There’s no sincerity whatsoever in even trying to mend their clothes so that it fits their bodies.”
  • “Can they bring back the skinny pants for BTS? They all have pretty legs and they will stand out more on stage with skinny pants, but the stylist is ruining everything lately.”
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Some believe that the stylists are careless in their choices to not make the proper alterations and to follow an unoriginal pattern for each member’s outfit.

  • “This time too, they just wore luxury brands’ clothes without any alteration. Just why are they using a stylist if they are just gonna wear the clothes as is?”
  • “Looks like they took the collection just as is and that they are just sticking to one repertoire… Cardigan for RM, coat for V, knit for J-Hope, jacket for Jungkook and Jin… It’s always like this every single time.”
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However, this is not the first time their stylists have been criticized. Their appearance at 2020 Melon Music Awards red carpet event drew mixed opinions, where many said the clothing choices were too mature and didn’t flatter the boys.


Most notably, the styling on their TIME magazine cover was called out for poor sizing and lack of attention to detail.


Many pieces were oversized for the members such as Jin’s suit and Jimin’s shoes.


Similarly, Suga’s long pants bunch at the bottom and V’s shoes are dangerously oversized.


Some fans would like to see them go back to more careful styling that is adequately fitting for the members’ bodies. Though it may be according to one’s preference, certain stylistic choices like oversized shoes may result in a dangerous situation, especially if they are performing.

Going forward, fans hope the stylists can find a balance between comfort, style, and adequately-sized clothing for the members.

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