Here’s How The Designs For The Iconic Hanboks Seen In BTS’s Music Videos Were Created, According To Their Stylist

They are works of art!

When it comes to BTS‘s fashion and clothing for music videos, they are no doubt iconic. From the bright pink outfits in “Boy With Luv,” the more rugged clothes in “ON,” and even pajamas in “Life Goes On,” the BTS members can pull off any look.

BTS in “Life Goes On” video | HYBE LABEL/ YouTube

Yet, there is one type of outfit that BTS has been renowned for over the years: the traditional Korean hanbok. Throughout many of their performances and music videos, the members have taken the classic garment and added their own twist.

In particular, there are two times that fans have really fallen in love with the members in hanboks, and it is during the video for their track “IDOL” and also Agust D‘s (Suga) “Daechwita.”

“IDOL” music video | HYBE LABEL/ YouTube 
Agust D’s music video | HYBE LABEL/ YouTube 

The person who was behind all of these amazing looks was BTS’s stylist Lee Ha Jeong. Since debuting, she has been working with the group. She has been responsible for some of the group’s most iconic looks over the years. More recently, she was also involved in the group’s styling for the Louis Vuitton event.

Lee Ha Jeong recently sat down with other stylists, including those for BLACKPINK and aespa, in an interview for W Korea where they spoke about inspirations, their route into being a stylist and more.

Lee Ha Jeong | W Korea

In particular, Lee Ha Jeong was asked how it felt for her to work with the hanboks for the different music videos.

As expected, she expressed how much fun it was working with such a traditional piece of clothing but being able to add her own twist to it. In particular, she even shared that it was a group effort, adding, “For ‘IDOL’ outfits, I talked to each member first.

| BTS/ Facebook

Yet, aside from getting the members’ input, Lee Ha Jeong revealed how much of the outfits involved her own interpretation of making them look modern and adding a BTS twist.

I mixed in different brands. I also used bold accessories and sneakers to fit. Working on that was great, it was new and overall very satisfying.

— Lee Ha Jeong

Agust D teaser | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

It isn’t the first time stylists have spoken about the fun they had creating pieces for the “IDOL” music video. In a video for AYO, Kim Tae Young (known as Balko) revealed how she created the iconic lion mask. She explained that it was done alongside other outfits she needed to create in just five days.

I went to a hardware store to make the mask, and there was a basket for Jeon for the holidays. I bought all types of thread. It was so hard.

— Kim Balko

| AYO/ YouTube 

There is no denying that both Suga’s hanbok and the ones used in “IDOL” are truly iconic. Since then, many other artists have used their own interpretations of the clothing for their videos and showcased the beauty.

You can read more from that interview below.

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Source: W Korea