Here’s How BTS’s And BLACKPINK’s Stylists Got Their Jobs

They shared their stories in an interview.

Stylists Lee Ha Jeong and Park Min Hee style two of K-Pop’s biggest acts, BTS and BLACKPINK. How did they get their starts?

BLACKPINK | YG Entertainment

In an interview with W Korea, Lee Ha Jeong and Park Min Hee fielded questions about their careers, inspiration, and much more. Lee Ha Jeong has been styling BTS since 2013, but her career began years before that. She previously styled 2NE1, back in 2009.


Interestingly, Lee Ha Jeong didn’t set out to be a stylist. “I wasn’t a fashion major,” she told W Korea. “but I started naturally because I liked clothes, and I’ve been working with BTS since their debut.”

Lee Ha Jeong | W Korea

BLACKPINK’s stylist Park Min Hee, on the other hand, dreamed of becoming a stylist. “It’s been my dream to be a stylist since middle school,” she said. “and I’ve never changed my dream.”

Park Min Hee | W Korea

She began working towards her dream by majoring in fashion design and by checking out other stylists’ work. Park Min Hee started out as an assistant, but she eventually landed a job styling BLACKPINK.

I majored in fashion design in college. As I was preparing for a job, I admired Krystal Choi, a stylist who was in charge of f(x)’s Krystal and Jung Yu Mi, but I started working as an assistant thanks to the email I sent saying I wanted to go for an interview. At that time, the first artist I took on was BLACKPINK, and we have been together for 5 years.

— Park Min Hee

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Source: W Korea