Suga Reveals The Reason Why BTS Was Able To Become So Successful

He says they’re only special because of this special thing.

During their “MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA” press conference, BTS was asked what the key to their immense popularity. Suga revealed that they’ve actually thought about it many times, and when it all came down to it, the answer was ARMY.


Suga says BTS was only able to achieve the level of success and popularity that they’ve obtained thanks to their fans who are beyond special. Since their fans are so special, the group became special as well!

We wondered a lot about how we were able to receive so much love and what made us different from other artists. We get asked a lot about our passionate fans during interviews abroad.

I’ve recently begun thinking that it’s because BTS met special fans. We became special because of them.

— Suga

Ever the humble kings, BTS always credits their honor to the loyal fans!


BTS has made headlines all over the world thanks to the devotion ARMYs show at each of their events. Fans would arrive days before to sit in lines, despite the weather conditions, for a chance to show their support!


BTS and ARMY once again prove that there’s a special reason why they’re creating history each year!

Source: Asia Today