BTS’s Suga Takes All Top 10 Spots On “The World Songs Chart” With Agust D’s “D-2” Mixtape

Agust D has achieved a rare feat on the Billboard Charts.

“Who’s the king? Who’s the boss?” Agust D is living up to “Daechwita’s” lyrics in a big way!

On May 22, BTS‘s Suga dropped his second solo mixtape as Agust D, D-2. It immediately took over music streaming services, social media, and of course, the charts.

Despite offering free downloads, D-2 is racking up sales, thanks to Suga’s dedicated fans. The mixtape’s title track “Daechwita” debuted at No. 1 on Billboard‘s “World Albums” chart, No. 2 on the “Top Album Sales”, and at No. 11 on the “Billboard 200”. That’s not all though!

As of June 3, Agust D has added a rare chart achievement to his list of accomplishments. All ten of D-2‘s tracks have taken the Top 10 spots on the “World Digital Song Sales” chart this week. At No.1 is “Daechwita” with over 17,00 copies sold!

  • No. 1 – “Daechwita”
  • No. 2 – “Strange (ft. RM)”
  • No. 3 – “Burn It” (ft. MAX)
  • No. 4 – “What Do You Think?”
  • No. 5 – “Moonlight”
  • No. 6 – “People”
  • No. 7 – “28 (ft. Niihwa)”
  • No. 8 – “Dear My Friend” (ft. Kim Jong Wan)”
  • No. 9 – “Interlude: Set Me Free”
  • No. 10 – “Honsool”

According to Forbes writer Hugh McIntyre“It’s extremely rare for any musicians to control the entire top 10 on any Billboard chart at any time.” It’s even more incredible for Suga to achieve this with a solo artist mixtape, rather than as part of BTS with a highly promoted group album.

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Source: Forbes