The Heartbreaking Meaning Behind BTS Suga’s “AMYGDALA” Lyrics

He explains the real meaning.

Recently, BTS Suga‘s Disney+ documentary Road To D-DAY showcased his “journey to find new stories and inspire new dreams” as he creates his solo album.

BTS’s Suga | Weverse

One particular scene involved the writing process of his new music that ARMYs may recognize as a behind-the-scenes moment from BTS’s In The Soop Season 2. Jimin enters the camper as Suga is working and recording new music.

The song Suga is in the process of recording is none other than “AMYGDALA.”

Revealing it to Jimin, he shares that it’s one of his favorite songs at this point in the writing process.

However, as Suga goes in depth about the song’s true meaning, fans can understand just how emotional the lyrics are for him.

There’s a thing called an ‘amygdala.’ Your brain stores all of your unpleasant memories in the amygdala.

— Suga

The amygdala holds on to sad or unpleasant memories as a way to protect you against those situations in the future.

So you can prepare yourself for those types of situations in the future.

— Suga

As the lyrical content references some of his traumatic memories, including his own accident, his mother’s heart surgery, and his father’s cancer diagnosis, he begs his amygdala to release him from this pain.

I have massive mood swings whenever I’m working on this song. To work on it, I have to bring up some of my unpleasant memories.

— Suga

However, rather than running from them, he faces them head on by writing about them in a song in order to overcome and “control” the memories in his head.

But this is actually a very important process to learn to control those memories.

— Suga

Immediately, the song resonated with many fans for its raw and emotional lyrical content in dealing with painful or traumatic memories.

As Suga refers to himself as a lotus flower, he shows strength by “blooming” amidst the unfortunate situations.

Watch the full clip below.


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