BTS’s Suga Praised For Inclusion Of Trigger Warnings And More At Agust D Concerts

For many, it’s the first time they’ve seen a trigger warning before a concert.

BTS‘s Suga is receiving praise from ARMYs at his concerts, not only due to his performances.

BTS’s Suga

The BTS member kicked off his SUGA | Agust D ‘D-DAY’ TOUR IN US this week at UBS Arena in Belmont Park.

You would never know this was Suga’s first time touring as a solo artist, though, based on his phenomenal performances.

Yet, his stage presence is not all ARMYs are praising. Firstly, when they arrived at the venue, there was free Hennessy available.

That’s not the only “gift” to ARMYs. According to ARMY, Suga proved to be a true anti-capitalist by telling his staff not to take down streaming links.

Most importantly, Suga earned praise for including a potential trigger warning before his concert. It warns concert-goers, “Throughout the show, loud sound effects including a crash and gunfire are used as well as strobe lighting and lasers.” They are advised, “If you find any of the contents of the show triggering, please seek assistance from the nearest staff member.” 

ARMYs were pleasantly surprised that Suga included the trigger warning. He really showed just how conscientious he is.

Strobe lighting, lasers, loud sound effects, etc., are all common in concerts. Yet, trigger warnings are seldom used, although these things could potentially affect someone negatively. So, Suga thinking of all his concert-goers’ health is admirable.

Similarly, both a warning and age restriction were added to the “AMYGDALA” MV due to its sensitive subject matter.

Suga is truly the standard!

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