BTS’s Suga Narrates Agust D’s “D-DAY” Glitch Film — And Drops A Few Spoilers For The Upcoming Album

It’s getting real!

Get ready for BTS Suga‘s new music! The next part of the exciting promotion schedule for Agust D‘s upcoming “D-DAY” album has just been released and it’s leaving fans with many questions.

BTS Suga’s “D-DAY” Promotion Schedule | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

The Glitch Film paints an abstract story, narrated by Suga’s voice speaking in English.

Small flaws, glitches, my new afterimage.

The film seems to give fans a sneak peek into what Suga may have in store for the new album.

Breaking down the wall between what I want to say and what I cannot say.

From concepts he might discuss on the album to references of his past work, the quick video is loaded with information!

Not getting intimidated but rebelling and raising questions against what the world demands.

The world’s fixed stereotype collides with my inner self and leaves trauma for a while…

…but this temporary glitch transforms into the driving force to create a new wavelength and becomes part of me.

Get ready for when the album drops on April 21st!

Watch the full video below.