Did BTS’s Suga Foreshadow Agust D’s “Haegeum” MV Months Ago? ARMYs Think So


BTS‘s Suga has finally dropped his anticipated solo album D-DAY under his alter-ego Agust D. The MV for the title track “Haegeum” was released simultaneously, continuing the storyline from his previous music videos.

The MV contained many references and details that only a genius like Suga could come up with. One is the iconic red chopsticks…

At the start of the MV, Suga steals chopsticks straight from the bowl of a man who is eating, much to viewers’ surprise.

Ultimately, Suga used this as his weapon of choice.

In the end, he used these chopsticks to eat noodles.

ARMYs are finding symbolism behind the usage of the chopsticks.

The chopsticks also reminded ARMYs of something else, though…

On February 1, he wished ARMYs a “happy new year” on Instagram. Suga posted a photo of a bowl of sliced rice cake soup (떡국, Tteokguk), which is a traditional Korean New Year’s meal eaten to signify turning a year older. He used the Kwangjuyo x BTS tableware set.

ARMYs believe it might have foreshadowed “Haegeum” or at least inspired him.

What do you think?


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