Not A Single Leak: Thai ARMY Earns Praise For Respecting BTS’s Suga

“This is how you respect the artist.”

The more famous a K-Pop idol becomes, the harder it is for them to keep upcoming content under wraps. Even BTS themselves have unintentionally dropped spoilers.

BTS’s Jimin (left) and RM (right) | Weverse 

Naturally, fans have been on alert for leaks ever since news broke that Suga (also known by his soloist stage name Agust D) would be dropping his debut solo album, D-DAY, on April 21 at 1 PM KST or 12 AM EST.

BTS’s Suga (Agust D)

The music video for Suga’s single “Haegeum” was under lock and key, despite having been filmed on the streets of Bangkok, where some fans could have caught a sneak peek.

In the past, some of BTS’s filming locations–such as the “secret venue” for their virtual America’s Got Talent appearance–have been spoiled by leaked photos, video clips, and word of mouth. Thai ARMYs, however, kept their lips zipped!

BTS at Everland theme park | @AGT/Twitter

Now these fans are earning praise from ARMYs around the globe for not posting spoilers online and for respecting Suga’s privacy.

In addition to keeping Suga’s secrets, Thai ARMYs also showed love for the star by streaming his music, significantly impacting his Spotify stats.

Thai ARMY, this round of applause is for you!

Check out the “Haegeum” official teaser here:


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