ARMYs Call Out BTS Suga’s Merchandise Designer For “Incomplete” Agust D Tour Shirts

Are you still going to buy?

ARMYs are increasingly disappointed over the merchandise for BTS Suga‘s SUGA | Agust D TOUR ‘D-DAY’ IN US.

BTS’s Suga

Since HYBE MERCH released the preview photos for Suga’s merch, ARMYs have been anticipating scoring some items, particularly tour shirts.

The day before Suga’s first concert in Belmont Park, ARMYs lined up hours ahead of opening. But was it entirely worth it?

Those who got merchandise the first day it was made available shared photos on social media to give ARMYs an idea of what to expect. They revealed that the only shirt with any traditional “tour dates” listed on the back was the black T-Shirt with Suga’s face on the front, which cost $45 USD. And the thing is… it’s not even the dates, and it’s simply the locations!

For many concert-goers, it’s a must-have to get the traditional tour T-Shirt with both dates and locations on the back, but the merchandise for SUGA | Agust D TOUR ‘D-DAY’ IN US doesn’t really include this. That one shirt that comes close still misses the mark for many.

A lot of ARMYs feel like the merchandise was poorly designed, which is honestly to be expected from a lot of music artists’ tours. Still, most at least include the dates, locations, and sometimes even venues on the back of the T-Shirt.

So, ARMYs couldn’t help but wonder who was responsible for the “rushed” design. Some even suggested they could have done better with or without experience in graphic design.

There are actually lots of fan-made merchandise that are just as good or better. You can find many creative designs on Etsy.

While we’d all love HYBE to hire ARMYs to get the job done, it might not be the company’s fault. One ARMY pointed out that LiveNation‘s design team previously did U.S. merchandise for BTS, so they were likely responsible again.

This would also explain why ARMYs have noticed design differences between shirts advertised by HYBE MERCH and those sold on-site for the tour. Read more below.

ARMYs Shocked At Quality Of BTS Suga’s Agust D Tour Merch IRL Compared To Online

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