Who Is The Woman On BTS Suga’s Agust D “SDL” And “Life Goes On?” It’s Someone You Already Know

Their voices sound so good together!

BTS‘s Suga has released his new solo album, Agust D‘s D-DAY.


Not only does the song contain the title track “Haegeum,” but there are collaborations with other artists, such as “HUH?” featuring J-Hope, “People Pt.2” featuring IU, and “Snooze” featuring The Rose‘s Woosung.

“SDL” and “Life Goes On” might not claim it’s featuring another artist, but you might have noticed someone else’s voice on the tracks. And It’s someone you already know.

It’s none other than former BIGHIT MUSIC producer-turned-K-Pop-idol ADORA! She is known for contributing to BTS’s “Spring Day” and “134340″ (just to name a couple) as well as Suga‘s solo song “Seesaw.”

ADORA | @adoraofficialkr/Twitter

Fans thought that they heard a familiar voice and assumed it was ADORA.

Well, fans didn’t have to wait long to find out the truth. ADORA shared both songs to her Instagram Stories, confirming that she did contribute to “SDL” and “Life Goes On.”

I slightly contributed to the chorus


I sneakily contributed to the chorus


ADORA previously revealed that Suga called her to help him with a chorus. Now, we know he was likely asking her to work on “SDL!”

ADORA and Suga’s voices always sound so amazing together!


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