Producer-Turned-Soloist ADORA Revealed Which BTS Member Reached Out To Her After Her Debut And Teased A Possible Collaboration

Will she make a comeback on a BTS track?

ADORA, the former in-house producer of Big Hit Music, debuted as an idol only a year ago with her song “Make U Dance.” Even before her idol debut, ADORA was well-known among ARMYs for her signature production style in BTS tracks and heavenly vocals on songs like “Epiphany” and “Seesaw.”

After she entered the industry as an idol, her ex-colleagues at Big Hit have shown their support for her music, with producers Pdogg and Slow Rabbit even recording a reaction video to the song. But fans have been curious if the BTS members themselves have reached out to her after her debut. In a recent interview, ADORA gave the long-awaited answer to that.

She mentioned that even though personally she doesn’t keep in touch with the members, Suga recently reached out and complimented her cover of “Spring Day” on Artistock.

Because he cheered me on, as the original artist, I was a bit…I thought that I should have dine better, I remember being a bit shy and very grateful.


But there was another reason why Suga had reached out to her. ADORA revealed that he made a request for her to work on something with him. Even though she doesn’t know what the exact project is, Suga wanted her to help him with a chorus.

I don’t know what kind of song it is yet, it was just to check on my condition, to see if I could do it. SO I said that I can do anything.

—ADORA, Starnews

This little revelation has ARMYs excited with anticipation for ADORA to make an appearance on Suga’s solo album.

Source: STARNEWS Kroea


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