Netizens Can’t Stop Praising BTS’s Suga For His AMA Speech, And Here’s The Heartwarming Reason Why

It perfectly showcased the group’s humbleness!

BTS recently cemented their status as true K-Pop legends after their appearance at the American Music Awards (AMA), where they made history. Not only did the group pick up Favorite Pop Duo or GroupFavorite Pop Song, but they became the first Asian group to pick up the most anticipated Artist of the Year award.

BTS at the AMAs | @AMAs/ Twitter

After picking up the win for Artist of the Year, the members all made it on stage to accept the award, and as expected, they gave a speech after receiving the trophy.

Leader RM spoke fluently in English, thanking the fans and HYBE for all the support. Jungkook even caught the attention of fans for cutting his speech short because of time constraints and lovingly being pushed aside by Jin.

| ABC/ YouTube
| ABC/ YouTube 

However, one person who gained a lot of love from netizens for his speech was Suga! After RM handed Suga the microphone, the BTS rapper then started doing his speech in Korean, unlike the other members who had chosen to speak in English.

First had our American debut fours years ago at the AMAs, and we really didn’t expect to win the Artist of the Year award like this. We think it’s all thanks to ARMY. Thank you, ARMY!

| ABC/ YouTube 

Netizens appreciated and admired the members for speaking English at an American awards show. However, many more shared their love and respect for Suga, who spoke Korean during the event. Fans thought that it showcased that the members still remember their roots in Korea despite growing globally in popularity.

After the speech, netizens took to social media and YouTube to share their thoughts and pride on Suga’s speech.

Yet, Suga wasn’t the only singer who caught the attention of fans for speaking in their native language during their speech. Both Bad Bunny and Becky G won awards at the AMAs but chose to do their speech in Spanish. Considering how close BTS is with Becky G shows that legends are always destined to be friends!

Bad Bunny’s AMA Speech | ABC/ YouTube
Becky G’s AMA Speech | ABC/ YouTube  

Yet, it isn’t the only time that the members were praised throughout the AMAs. From the very beginning, fans noticed how polite the group was accepting to take selfies with celebrities who made the event their own private meet and greet. From Jojo Siwa, Boyz II Men‘s Shawn Stockman, and more.

BTS with Shawn Stockman and his daughter | @shawnstockmanofficial/ Instagram
BTS Jojo Siwa | @itsjojosiwa/ Twitter

BTS proved that all of their hard work over the years has paid off as they scooped the biggest prize at the AMAs. Yet, Suga also proved that they would never forget their Korean roots and those in Korea who support the group!

You can read more about the event below.

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Source: ABC