BTS’s Suga Floods ARMY With New Content, And We Are Living For It

It is a good day for ARMY!

BTS fans have been treated to a whole lot of content in recent weeks, from the “Permission to Dance” music video, the Louis Vuitton fashion show, and much more. During the last few days, Suga seemed to particularly want to feed ARMY with awesome content.

The first thing fans saw were some selfies from Suga on both Twitter and Weverse, with the caption, “It’s hot, really.”

BTS’s Suga | Weverse

On the BANGTANTV YouTube channel, BTS then released some behind-the-scenes footage from the “Permission to Dance” music video.

| BANGTANTV/ YouTube  

They also recently posted a preview of their BTS MEMORIES OF 2020 DVD, which consists of many never-before-seen contents. 


If all of that wasn’t enough, Suga then decided to go live and hold a special live broadcast with fans. During the stream, fans got to see the sassy side of Suga when ARMYs were trying to prank him again.

He became the number one BTS promoter by recommending that ARMY listen to “Permission to Dance” and “Butter.”

Suga also showed ARMYs just how talented he is because not only did he give fans a little demonstration on the drums, but he added that he was also trying to play guitar again after his shoulder injury.

It was definitely a good few days for Suga fans, and there will be a lot more content coming soon, which ARMY can look forward to.

Source: FI and FI