BTS’s Suga Reveals The Clever Meaning Behind “ARMY Day” And It Will Blow Your Mind

It all makes sense now! 🤯

While decorating their brand new Butter CD Single albums, BTS‘s Suga revealed his theory behind “ARMY Day,” also known as the special day the fandom was named back in 2013.

The day July 9th symbolizes BTS’s strong bond with their fans that feels like friendship. July 9th in Korean (chil-wol gu-il, shortened to chil-gu), sounds similar to chingu, the Korean word for “friend!”

Similarly, the French word for “friend” is ami which sounds just like the Korean pronunciation of “ARMY!”

Regardless of which language you start from, ARMY always connects back to the concept of friendship!

On top of all of this, BTS’s Butter CD Single was released on July 9th, making the special date even more meaningful.

It seems everything has a beautiful explanation…or at least, there are tons of awesome coincidences!

Check out the boys’ clever conversation and watch them design their albums below.