ARMYs Finally Have Their First Update About BTS’s Suga After His Military Enlistment

It’s the first update since Suga’s letter in September!

After what seems like forever, there is finally an update about BTS‘s Suga after the idol enlisted in the military as a public service worker.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

In September, it was announced that Suga would be enlisting as a public service worker. The idol shared a heartfelt message with fans that made them emotional as he got ready to serve.

Hello. It’s Suga.
I came to send my greetings!
I was able to safely come this far thanks to ARMYs.
And it’s finally time.
I will come back after faithfully finishing my service.
Please be careful as the seasons are changing to a chilly autumn.
Let’s all stay healthy and meet again in 2025!
ARMY!!!! I’m always thankful, and I always love you☺️

— Suga

Yet, aside from the letter, there haven’t been any updates… until now.

In a recent tweet from an OP, they shared that their boyfriend actually did his public service worker training and met Suga while he was there. Considering there haven’t been many updates on the idol since he enlisted, it was the first update.

Long time no see. I was busy with finishing assignments and finding myself a boyfriend. That boyfriend, whom I met on campus at school, went to his public service worker training and met Yoongi.

— OP

In particular, OP’s boyfriend showcased just how caring Suga is by sharing that the idol treated his teammates at the training for some water and pepero, and he gave it to her.

Yoongi treated his training teammates to water and Pepero. My boyfriend got them, too, and gave them to me… Heh. I’m so happy.

— OP

If that wasn’t enough, the same OP then shared that Suga wasn’t just a kind person but a kind leader, as it was revealed that during the training, he was the team leader of the group called “Pyeong Chang Su” which was the name of the water brand.

<Team Name: Pyeong Chang Su*>
*This is also the same as the water bottle brand name.
Common Features: We strive for maximum efficiency at minimum energy, we do not cross lines, and we prefer a friendly environment.
Rules 1. Be on time.
2. No smoking indoors.
3. Do not cross lines.
Team Leader: Min Yoongi
Supplies: Name of soldier
Clerk: Name
Timer: Name
Cleaning: Name
Presentation: Name
Reaction: Name

— OP

When the updates were shared, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement that there was finally some information on Suga and just how caring he is to those around him, just like he is with the members.

With an update, it seems like a relief for ARMYs to hear that Suga is doing well, being respected and loved by those around him, and doing his training peacefully.

Source: ku3_09/Twitter