BTS’s Suga Newest Instagram Post Drives ARMYs Wild After Showing Off His Luscious Long Locks

“If we start a petition not to cut his hair, will they listen?”

When it comes to BTS‘s Suga, sometimes the rapper doesn’t know how much of a hold he has on ARMYs… or if he does, he posts on purpose to further send them into meltdown. Recently, the idol has been driving ARMYs mad with his beautiful hair.

For the past few months, Suga has been showing off his long hair, whether it’s at the airport on his global travels…

Or on his Instagram with flawless modelesque shots…

On October 25 (KST), Suga once again returned to Instagram to push fans further into the “long-haired Yoongi” agenda.

In the shots, which seemed to be taken at the same time as the previous photos, Suga’s ethereal visuals were on show, and his hair was beautifully luscious.

Compared to the last photos, his hair was even more prominent as the true length was shown as it covered his eyes like a fringe.

What was even funnier was, whether he knew the hold it would have on ARMYs or not, the simple and random caption was also iconic.

When the pictures were shared, netizens couldn’t get over how good Suga looked. Even though his bangs were covering his face, the idol’s beauty was undeniable, and his luscious locks seemed like something out of a luxury haircare commercial.

In particular, although ARMYs were sad when it was announced that starting with BTS’s Jin, the members would all be enlisting, it seems as if many want to protect Suga’s hair more. In comments on various social media sites, ARMYs wondered if Suga’s hair could be exempt as it’s known that when enlisting, males have to shave their hair to match a certain standard.

Back in March 2021, during his birthday broadcast, Suga revealed that it was the first time he had grown out his hair in years. Suga felt that he had had the same hairstyle for quite some time and thought it was time for a change.

Although it is inevitable that Suga’s long locks will have to go when he enlists, ARMYs can enjoy it for now.

You can read more about Suga’s long hair driving netizens crazy below.

BTS’s Suga Newest Instagram Post Drives ARMYs Wild After Showing Off His Luscious Long Locks

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