BTS’s “BE” Album Features Suga’s Art…And That’s Breaking News To Him 

He was in for a surprise when BTS unboxed their new album.

ARMY’s favorite spoiler kings are back!

In a new unboxing video, BTS reveals the contents of BE, their first self-produced album. This album is not being released until November 20, but BTS decided to give fans a taste of what’s to come.

This deluxe package includes a CD, a poster, a making-of book, a lyric book, photo cards, a photo frame, a polaroid, and an official list of the roles BTS played while creating the album.

BTS was involved in all aspects of BE, but even they didn’t know what the final product would look like. “When did you scan this?” Suga asked the staff, surprised. He held up a photo card of his art, adding jokingly, “You scanned it without my permission.” 

The artwork in question is a blue painting Suga worked on in May.

It’s difficult to see clearly, but fans have matched the photo card…

| BANGTANTV/Youtube 

…to this painting called “Morning”. Suga recorded his morning thoughts, turned them into a wave file, then printed the waveform. He transferred the print onto his canvas to create ‘visible sound’.

This photo card and more will go public (officially) when BE drops on November 20 at 2 PM (KST).