BTS’s Suga Paints His Thoughts In A Visual Form And Proves To Be Pure Genius

Min Yoongi is a total genius.

On May 8, BTS’s Suga returned to a YouTube live session for his third round of painting with the fans. He revealed that the title of the painting was ‘Morning’ because it depicted his thoughts from the morning.

He recorded his thoughts from the morning in words than transferred them into a wave file. He printed the waveform onto paper to draw that onto the middle of his painting. This is an interesting work of art in that he is creating a ‘visible sound’ through the audio wave form for his drawing.

He started out by drawing a straight line in the middle of the painting as a base.

Then he tried to match up the photos to the line in order to draw the wavelength.

He then realizes that he can’t see through it enough and decides he will need to hold another painting session in order to finish the painting.

He tells fans that he unfortunately cannot finish today and that he will be back again soon. Regardless of how long it takes, Suga is a total genius in that he expresses himself in a totally different style of art.

Fans were also fascinated and drawn in to his painting style and environment.

In case you missed his other painting sessions, all three sessions are below!