BTS’s Suga Attends Jimin’s “Music Bank” Pre-recording, Keeping An Old Promise

A man of his words!

On March 24, Jimin released his first solo album, Face, and as a part of its promotional activities, he is scheduled to appear in KBS’s music show Music Bank. The singer pre-recorded his performance on March 24, with hundreds of fans in attendance.

But the special guest of the occasion was Suga.  e was unexpectedly spotted outside the KBS station around the same time Jimin was scheduled for his performance recording.

Fans were already over the moon to see Suga turn up at the studio to support his bandmate, but when they realized that this could be a part of an old promise he made to Jimin, things got emotional pretty quickly.

It all goes back to 2020 when Suga was doing weekly audio-only live broadcasts on VLIVE.  e treated the live like a radio show and called it FM 06.13.  every week, a different BTS member would appear there as a guest.  Then Jimin appeared on the show, and Suga was sulking about him not visiting during one of his solo shoots back then.

The conversation led to Jimin insisting that when he has a personal schedule in the future, Suga must visit him as well.  Suga agreed, stating that it was only fair he returned the gesture.

Almost three years later, he kept his word and how!  According to fans at the filming, Suga stood with the staff members while Jimin performed “Set Me Free pt 2,” After the song, Jimin brought him up on stage, where he joked around with ARMYs and asked them to support Jimin.

There is a reason why this man has marriage proposals stacking up at his front door like the daily newspaper!