BTS’s Suga Has Just Given ARMY A New Mystery To Solve

Has Suga left BTS fans a clue?

ARMYs have more than enough BTS mysteries to solve, but that hasn’t stopped Suga from giving them one more.


BTS is expected to come back with a brand new album in either April or May, but most details about it have been kept quiet, so far. That said, fans are now wondering if Suga’s latest tweet holds a clue.


On February 27, Suga tweeted out this a photo of a project he has been working on in an audio editing program. The caption says, “Time to sleep now #SUGA”.


One of the tracks in the program is labeled “BATTLEGROUND”, and now that one little word has ARMYs buzzing with excitement.


Some fans think that “BATTLEGROUND” might be the name or theme of a new BTS song, or a new Suga solo.


Whatever it is, fans are ready for it!