BTS’s Suga Can’t Stop “Bickering” With His Next “Suchwita” Guest In New Teaser

They truly radiate chaotic sibling energy!

BTS‘s Suga made ARMYs LOL after “bickering” with his next Suchwita guest.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

On December 19, a new trailer was released teasing BTS Suga’s next guest on Suchwita. With the teaser of EDAM Entertainment and same-age friend…

Everyone knew it had to be IU.

K-Pop soloist IU | @dlwrma/Instagram

IU and Suga have known each other for a long time and have collaborated on many occasions.

As soon as the video started, IU and Suga radiated sibling energy as they were caught bickering about the BTS member not being invited to a concert.

Of course, that comment was all linked to Suga’s appearance on IU’s Palette when Suga was “upset” that IU didn’t invite him as one of her guests during her concert.

IU had tried to defend herself, saying she didn’t want it to be a burden for a small part of the song, but Suga was insistent that he wanted to go and even pointed out that he had no schedule except a wedding during IU’s shows.

If that wasn’t enough, the friendship continued to be shown in the most dynamic way.

As two of the most talented idols, Suga and IU showcased their parallels with their reactions to being praised *as they should*.


There was also a suggestion about a battle between ARMYs (BTS fandom) and Uaena (IU’s fandom) to see who is the loudest, and Suga even recommended Jamsil Stadium.

By the end of the trailer, Suga said they would get started, but the two idols had already seemingly chatted a lot, so IU was surprised by his comment.

When the clip was posted, netizens couldn’t get over the dynamic between the 1993 idols. For many, it showcased unreal sibling energy and showcased how close Suga and IU have gotten while working with each other over the years.

After the hilariousness of Suga’s appearance on IU Palette, Suchwita will undoubtedly be just as chaotic as seen by the short clips of the trailer.