BTS’s Suga Is A Certified Fanboy Of BIGBANG’s Taeyang In New “Suchwita” Teaser

Suga is such a mood!

BTS‘s Suga just revealed the next exciting guest for episode 3 of his drinking show Suchwita (also known as Time to Drink with Suga)…and it’s someone who even made him nervous!

Though his identity is concealed in the teaser, anyone can tell Suga is sitting across from none other than BIGBANG‘s Taeyang!

It’s like I’m looking at a celebrity. It’s like I’m watching TV right now!

— Suga

Just like anyone meeting one of their idols, Suga shared how Taeyang’s influence impacted him ever since he was young.

You’re the musician that I dreamed of becoming like ever since I was young. You’re so charismatic.

— Suga

Many ARMYs remember the days when you couldn’t watch a Bangtan Bomb without some sort of reference to Taeyang’s music!

Suga goofs around and sings “Eyes, Nose, Lips” (2014) | @BANGTANTV/YouTube

Fast forward to the present day, the two iconic artists treasure that they can sit down and have a comfortable conversation so far into their careers.

What fans can expect from the exciting episode includes plenty of fanboying on Suga’s end…

…and some words of wisdom from Taeyang!

I also want to try my best to set a good example for the younger artists so they can dream better things.

— Taeyang

This must-watch episode drops on January 18 at 10 PM KST!

Check out the full trailer below.


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