BTS Suga’s Birthday Livestream Causes Chaos Among The Other Members

Fighting for their lives in the comment section in front of million…

BTS‘s Suga recently did a live broadcast on Weverse where he hung out with fans to celebrate his birthday. While millions of ARMYs tuned in, none of them were as excited to get noticed by him as much as his own group members were.

During the live, J-Hope, JiminV, and Jungkook joined the audience at different times and left comments for Suga. J-Hope wished him a happy birthday, while both he and Jungkook left “Yoongi marry me” comments to tease him.

V joined in while Suga was about to start singing a song. When he asked the viewers to guess what song he was about to sing, V basically typed out half the lyrics in the comments.

But it seemed like he only noticed the ones left by Jimin and even replied to him during the stream.

After the live was over, Jungkook went straight to Weverse and expressed how upset he was that his Suga hyung didn’t answer his comments. J-Hope responded to the post saying he felt the same. BTS’s in-house master of mischief, Jimin, then replied to them, saying it was entirely different for him since he and Suga practically had a full-fledged conversation during the livestream.

Jungkook quickly reasoned that he tuned in too late for the livestream, which is why he couldn’t get a reply from Suga.

This entire post-livestream exchange has given enough material to ARMYs on Twitter to both gush over and meme-fy for days! While some clutched their chests at Jungkook’s cute rant, others couldn’t stop chuckling at Jimin joking around, trying to make his co-members jealous.

Well, there’s one solid conclusion to be derived from this whole situation: no matter who you are or where you’re from, no one is safe from the urge to ask for Suga’s hand in marriage.


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