BTS’s Suga Brings Back An Old Rumor With His Airport Fashion

The dots are connecting…

After successfully finishing the U.S. leg of his solo tour, BTS‘s Suga touched down back in South Korea on May 19, KST.

His airport outfit immediately caught fans’ attention. With a simple white t-shirt, black trousers, and his personalized D-DAY hoodie, Suga strutted down the Incheon airport with an effortless drip.

But there was something else in the pictures of his arrival that piqued ARMY’s attention. Some hawk-eyed fans spotted a staff member behind Suga carrying a black bag with a black cat plush keychain hanging from the handle.

The bag looked familiar, and fans figured out why pretty soon. Back in May 2022, when BTS were leaving for the U.S., Suga was spotted at the airport with the same Birkin bag with a blue ribbon attached to its handle.

So, it became pretty clear that Suga has added that cat keychain to his bag, and it immediately rang another bell. ARMYs started speculating that this probably supports an old rumor about the BTS member being a cat parent secretly.

Last November, when Jungkook made history by performing at the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony, all his members posted stories on Instagram to show support. Suga had gone a step ahead and filmed the entire performance on his phone from his TV, and he posted a screenshot from his phone to cheer for the maknae. However, fans quickly spotted some other pictures in his gallery, caught in the lower part of the screengrab, and it looked like he had taken multiple pictures of a black cat on his phone right before.

ARMYs excitedly assumed that the BTS member had adopted a black cat, which wouldn’t be too surprising given his very obvious fondness for cats. The fact that he also carries a cat keychain, that too specifically a black one, only seems to be connecting the theories to reality!

Hopefully, a cat reveal is on its way soon.


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