BTS Suga’s Brother Shares A New Baby Photo Of His Baby Bro

It’s a precious piece of the Min family history.

BTS‘s Suga was born with the perfect combination of cuteness and swag, and his baby photos prove it.

Suga‘s older brother, Min Geumjae, recently shared a Min family memory on his Instagram account (@goldjay89).

| @goldenjae89/Instagram

In this photo, Min Geumjae looks down sweetly at his baby brother, who is 2 Cool 4 Skool in a sideways cap and pink onesie. That furry throne practically screams, “I’ll be famous someday!”

| @goldenjae89/Instagram

In the caption, Min Geumjae wrote, “In this endless universe, we’re nothing but dust. So what is the meaning of the end?”

| @goldenjae89/Instagram

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