BTS’s Suga Sends A Heartfelt Message To The Underdogs Of The World

His wisdom comes from personal experience.

According to BTS‘s Suga, you don’t have to be a superhero like Anpanman to change the world.

After eight hilarious episodes, BT21 UNIVERSE 3 took a surprisingly emotional turn for its finale. BTS were asked about BT21‘s underlying messages, and what they hope viewers will learn from their colorful characters.

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Suga was asked, “What message do you want to deliver through BT21?”. His answer will hit home for underdogs everywhere.

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Suga said, “I hope these ordinary kiddos [BT21] with issues and flaws of their own can show people how they become stars…”

“…and change the world, and spread love.”

“It’s not superheroes or these exemplary people that change the world…”

“…but rather the ordinary ones that get together and change the world…”

“…and I hope these guys [BT21] can be a testament to that.” 

Suga’s wise words reflect BTS’s own journey, but also that of their fans who band together to support good causes and change the world for the better.

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