BTS’s Suga Makes A Surprising Cameo In MAX’s “Blueberry Eyes” MV

MAX paid tribute to him in the best way.

The new MAX BTS collaboration is finally here!

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Earlier this year, Suga released his second Agust D mixtape, D-2. Its sixth track, “Burn It”, is a collaboration featuring American singer MAX. Now, Suga and MAX have teamed up once again for MAX’s new song “Blueberry Eyes”.

“Blueberry Eyes” is a love song about getting blissfully lost in the person you’re in love with.

Suga wasn’t on set for filming, but MAX still found a way to include him in the MV.

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At the 1:20 mark, Suga makes a cameo…as a cat! It’s the purrfect choice because fans often say “Lil Meow Meow” has a cat-like personality.

MAX added a feline friend because he wanted Suga to be in the music video in spirit, if not in purrson. (Sorry, I’ll stop meow– oops — now.)

Of course, we threw a little cat in there to make it feel like Yoongi was part of it, because unfortunately he couldn’t be in the video — we wanted every bit of his spirit to be there, even though he wasn’t there. . .

Suga isn’t the only one who made a cameo in “Blueberry Eyes”. ARMY also appears in the lyrics during Suga’s verse!

 U AR e MY light, friends who support each other, each other’s anchor

— Suga, “Blueberry Eyes” (English translation)

Watch the video here:

Source: Buzzfeed News