BTS’s Suga Has The Funniest Reaction When Trying To Protect His Bank Account From J-Hope On Weverse

Suga will never deny the “cat agenda!”

Although K-Pop idols might seem like a world away, social media platforms have made it easier for netizens to interact with their favorite idols. In particular, Weverse is the perfect place for ARMYs to chat to BTS… or like one lucky fan, have an interaction with both J-Hope and Suga.

BTS’s Suga (left) and J-Hope (right)

For many ARMYs, they will know that Suga’s nickname is a cat because of his adorableness and personality. Over the years, the BTS rapper has cemented this status with pictures and even promoted the cat agenda, which the members agree with.

BTS’s Suga

Therefore, it isn’t surprising that an ARMY with a Suga-cat-related username caught the attention of J-Hope, who was answering fans while in Chicago for Lollapalooza. The idol has been interacting with fans while in America and sharing photos from his time in Chicago.

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

The lucky ARMY had the username, “This Granny’s Bank Account Belongs To Min Kitty,” which referred to Suga’s real name Min Yoongi. In their message, they wrote, “I was not in a good mood. But, because of Hobi, I am happy.”

| Weverse

Unsurprisingly, the message caught the attention of J-Hope, but rather than the comment, it was the username that really stood out as the idol replied, “Yay! Then your bank account belongs to me now!”

| Weverse

Of course, that lucky ARMY was already living the dream… until they became the world’s luckiest fan. It seems like Suga must’ve also been on Weverse (just on the opposite side of the world) and noticed that he was being mentioned.

J-Hope might have taken control of Suga’s bank account, but not everyone was happy with the decision. In a reply to the post, Suga asked, “Where’s my say in this?” If it was his account, he definitely should’ve had some say.

| Weverse

When the Weverse post was shared, netizens loved the fact that Suga was confirming the “Kitty agenda” by protecting his fictional bank account as a cat, and also the interactions between “SOPE.”

It seems like Suga will do everything to protect his “cat identity,” even if it means battling his member J-Hope on Weverse. Hopefully, Suga, J-Hope, and the ARMY can come to an agreement on the state of the bank account very soon.

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