BTS’s Suga Met The Newest “Suchwita” Guest…In The Bathroom

Here’s the full story!

BTS‘s Suga is back with episode 25 of “Suchwita” and shares an unexpected story about his guest!

He invited none other than CNBLUE‘s Jung Yonghwa where the two discuss their friendship and more.

The two show off their perfect chemistry and soon delve into their first interaction with each other.

Suga revealed the surprising story of how they met when he ran into him almost 10 years ago in a bathroom!

Yonghwa complimented BTS, stating they would become even more successful, and Suga kept this kind memory with him.

Yonghwa’s hilarious reason makes all the sense in the world!

I knew you’d make it big so I figured I should get closer to you!

— Yonghwa

He continued to show his thoughtful personality as he complimented Suga.

Since then, I felt that from the look in your eyes, there’s a rockstar inside you.

— Yonghwa

We can’t wait for the full episode!

Watch the trailer below.