BTS Suga’s Complete Night Routine—From His Favorite Snacks To Bedtime Thoughts

Someone find his childhood blanket, please.

BTS‘s Suga recently gave a detailed breakdown of his nighttime routine and habits, hoping some of the tips help ARMYs sleep better as well.

Suga usually doesn’t follow a strict routine before going to bed. His strategy is simple- block out all visual stimulants that can keep you awake. But he also needs audio stimulation to fall asleep.

When I’m trying to fall asleep, I turn off all the lights in the room and flip my phone over. If I really can’t sleep, I listen to ASMR. Or there are things like, apps that read you books. I feel like I have to listen to something when I sleep. I don’t listen to music though.


At one point in BTS’s career, Suga actually had a reputation for being the sleepiest member of the group since he would be seen napping quite often in behind-the-scenes videos. But in reality, the rapper takes quite some time to fall asleep.

It takes me a while, around one, two, or even up to three hours (to fall asleep). Even on days when I’m really tired, I can’t fall asleep quickly.


So, while lying awake in bed waiting for sleep to come, he lets his mind wander limitlessly. Suga explained, “I have a very big imagination. Once I start imagining, it can go on forever. I think of so many things before falling asleep.”

As someone who finds it hard to fall asleep quickly, Suga’s secret to a good night’s sleep is using up all his energy during the day without taking naps so that his body is tired and ready for rest by bedtime.

Suga also revealed that as a kid, he didn’t have a doll to cuddle with while sleeping. Instead, he used to have a very soft blanket that he loved as a child, but sadly, the blanket is now long gone.

The BTS member prefers to wear shorts to bed since pajamas can get too hot. But in the winter, he likes wearing pajamas. Another fun fact about Suga’s sleeping habit is that he wakes up in the same position he falls asleep.

I don’t toss and turn. I can’t sleep on my left because of my shoulder. So, I usually sleep on my right or on my stomach.


Suga is a light sleeper but a frequent dreamer. He shared that he has at least three to four dreams a day, but he doesn’t remember any of them. He also doesn’t need an alarm to wake up since he is a sensitive sleeper. So, a text or a call is enough to wake him up on time.

Because of his rhinitis, Suga can’t handle any scents. As long as his bedroom doesn’t smell bad, he is good to go. He is trying to control two things these days—one, his urge to take naps during the day, and two, his late-night cravings.

When I’m working on a song, I tend to sleep late at night. So, I would eat late-night snacks pretty often. These days I quit late night snacks and I’ve been eating things like chicken breasts and konjac. But the snacks I really crave are pizza or fried chicken.


The rapper then revealed some more of his bedtime preferences through a balance game. Check out his answers below:

What would you listen to before bed? Classical music vs. Nature sounds

Which blanket texture? Crinkly and cool vs. Cozy and warm

Which blanket design? Plain and neat vs. Checkered

Do you turn on the nightstand before bed? Yes vs. No

Which pillow? High vs. Low

Which workout before bed? Basic stretching vs. Intense ab crunches

Which bedtime book? A healing essay vs. A slow touching novel

What comforts you before bed? A round of games vs. Online shopping

Do you sleep with a blanket in the summer? Yes vs. No

Must-have winter items? Heated mattress pad vs. Cozy fleece pants and socks

Which nature sounds before bed? Crickets vs. Waves

Source: Weverse


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