BTS Goes More In-Depth About Why Suga Cried During The 2017 AMAs

He’s not the crying type, but he couldn’t help it that day.

During a recent interview with Apple Music, BTS discussed how Suga felt during the 2017 American Music Awards.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

As Suga previously admitted, RM discussed how Suga’s emotional side came out on the day of the AMAs performance that helped propel BTS to global success.

Despite not being the crying type, Suga still felt a wave of emotions that day.

Part of what made Suga so nervous, Jin revealed, was that it was a stage he’s been watching since he was young. Performing was no big deal for BTS, but performing on such a large scale became overwhelming for him.

In the end, his nerves didn’t show on stage and the boys did their best performing “DNA.”

Looking back, Jin thinks Suga looks absolutely adorable when he cries!

Suga’s tears may be touching, but the way the boys care for each other is even more precious.

However, Suga’s emotions from that day weren’t just because of nerves. Check out the full story explained by himself below!

Suga Cried After BTS’s Performance At The 2017 AMAs, Here’s Why