BTS’s Suga Explains The Importance Of His Recent Airport Habit After ARMYs Catch On

His answer showcases his thoughtful personality 💜

BTS‘s Suga has been frequenting airports recently due to his overseas schedules, and with each appearance, ARMYs have noticed one consistency in Suga’s behavior.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

Suga has been all across the globe lately, from sitting courtside wearing Valentino at a Lakers game in Los Angeles…

BTS’s Suga courtside at the Los Angeles Lakers game on January 12, 2023 | @agustd/Instagram

… to making his Paris Fashion Week debut, sitting in the front row of Valentino’s Valentino Le Club Couture Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2023 show in Paris…

… to departing for unannounced schedules in Thailand, Suga has stayed busy so far in 2023.

BTS’s Suga at the airport for his flight to Thailand on February 10, 2023.

Ahead of each trip, he turned the airport into his own personal runway, effortlessly rocking luxury streetwear for a comfortable and trendy look.

BTS’s Suga departs Korea for Paris on January 24.

Suga arrives back in Korea on January 27 after visiting France for Paris Fashion Week.

Suga arrives back in Korea on February 13 after his trip to Thailand.

While Suga’s outfits and destinations change, ARMYs hilariously notice one thing that remains consistent: how quickly Suga walks through the airport.

Whether he’s entering the airport or leaving the international arrivals terminal, Suga is immediately all-business and on a mission to quickly make his way to his waiting vehicle or flight while politely greeting ARMYs and the media.

ARMYs quickly credited the behavior as part of Suga’s lovable and low-key personality, but the BTS member recently clarified why he moves so quickly through the airport after an ARMY brought up the topic during his latest live broadcast.

Suga saw the comment and filled ARMYs in on why they’d seen him speeding through the airport.

Suga at the airport in October 2022.

Suga shared that he naturally moves fast, but at the airport, he intentionally moves through the crowd quicker to decrease the chances of someone getting hurt.

Well, I’ve always been a fast walker, even as a child. But more so, I’m not using the airport by myself. There are a lot of people at the airport. And a lot of people end up getting hurt. It might not seem so, and you might not see it happen, but people bump into each other and fall all the time.

— Suga

He clarified that he knows other celebrities have their own ways of handling crowds at airports, but the way that felt safest to him was leaving quickly.

People coming back from trips, too. It’s just that, ever since I was young, I’ve seen one too many cases of people getting hurt. Way too many times… So, for me, it’s… I know it’s different for everyone. But I prefer to leave quickly so other people can use the airport more safely. I’m just that type of person. Yeah.

— Suga

BTS at the airport in May 2022.

He acknowledged that while people may gather to see him, the airport is a public place, and he’s conscious of trying not to inconvenience others.

When I was younger… I mean, I saw kids falling down and getting hurt so many times. So… The airport isn’t a private facility for me. It’s public infrastructure. So I believe I’ll continue to leave quickly in the future, too.

— Suga

Suga discussing safety at the airport in his recent Weverse Live | Weverse 

He concluded his explanation by expressing his gratitude to those who saw him off before his travels and shared that he would continue to leave the airport quickly to put the public’s safety first.

And I’m definitely grateful for the people who come to see me. But I just don’t want any of the bumping and falling. It’s the right thing for me to leave quickly so other people can use the airport safely.

— Suga

Suga’s thoughtfulness and kind response showcase his true personality.

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