10 Moments That Actually Show BTS Suga’s True Personality

#6 shows what type of person he really is. 🥺

Don’t let BTS Suga‘s “savage” image fool you! He’s extremely kind-hearted, speaks up about mental health, and is empathetic to others. Check out some of the best moments that show his real self below!

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1. When he texted a touching letter to V and Jungkook

He poured his heart out to the younger members and ended it by telling them he loves them.

2. When he let J-Hope eat his food

When J-Hope had nothing to eat, Suga sacrificed his food for him and revealed he feels full just by watching his younger brother eat.

3. When he openly speaks up about mental health

Suga not only discusses the pertinent issue in his lyrics, but also in various interviews, including his Q&A with Rolling Stone.

But when I hear people say that when they listen to my music, and feel comfort and are consoled by those lyrics that express these emotions, that makes me feel very good. It’s very encouraging. These emotions are not something that need to be hidden. They need to be discussed and expressed.

— Suga

4. When he took care of the older ladies in poverty

Suga did everything he could to help improve their living situations and make them smile.

5. When he told Jimin he loves him

Knowing how much those words mean to Jimin, he put aside his ego and said it in front of all the members. How sweet!

6. When he let V blow out the candle

After V was too slow to blow out the candles with the rest of the BTS members, Suga created a fake “candle” using his finger so V could also participate.

7. When he let Holly steal all the blankets

Suga is totally soft for his dog, Holly, and lets him do just about anything!

[I’m] ranking last in our family. This is not a scarf but Holly. Holly, why are you sleeping on top of me… He stole my blanket. Are you a person or a dog.. He’s even snoring.

— Suga

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8. When he praised Jungkook for how much he’s grown

Suga always showers the youngest with compliments and couldn’t be more proud of how he’s grown up!

9. When he immediately went out to dinner with J-Hope

While J-Hope was just trying to set the date for a future outing, Suga was so eager to see his friend that he wanted to meet the same night.

10. When he spilled on how much the members truly mean to him

Beyond friends and family, there’s his BTS members. 💜

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