BTS’s Suga Finally Responds To A Marriage Proposal

And it’s exactly how you’d expect from him.

Over the past few months, the phrase “Yoongi marry me” has become one of the most-used inside jokes between BTS and their fans. While some think that the joke has now reached its time of retirement, it looks like the man in question, Suga, doesn’t mind it.

After finishing the U.S. leg of his solo tour with record-breaking success, the rapper returned to Korea on May 19. KST. The next day, he resumed his promotional activities for D-Day, his latest solo album, hosting a “movie night” themed fan interaction event with 350 lucky ARMYs.

Suga attended the event, looking sharp in a three-piece suit. As soon as fans posted his photos online, many joked that he turned up at a movie date looking like a groom. It turns out one ARMY made good use of the opportunity and finally asked for his hand in marriage directly!

While answering some questions submitted by fans, Suga came across a fan’s message that said she wished she were 29 instead of 39. Curious, he looked a the audience and asked why she wished for that. The person who had written that message replied, then she could have asked him to marry her.

Suga had the sweetest response to the fan. He reassuringly said age doesn’t really matter to him. So, whether someone is 29 or 39, he is not bothered by that fact. He then joked that he is not saying it because he, too, is in his 30s now, and his heart is still young.

The audience erupted into loud cheers at his words, and when the video hit the internet, ARMYs online had a similar reaction. Suga not only indulged fans’ silly jokes but also made older fans feel welcome into the fan space, which sometimes can be less inclusive.


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