BTS’s Suga Shares His Vacation Memories With ARMY

Suga takes ARMY on a fishing trip in this vacation log.

Fans are getting a taste of what it would be like to go on vacation with BTS‘s Suga!


On September 30, Big Hit Entertainment announced a special video log series featuring footage from BTS’s vacation. Each of the seven videos will give fans a peek at what the members were up to on their break.


The vlog release schedule is as follows:

  • 10/2 Suga – fishing at dawn
  • 10/3 J-Hope – important business in LA
  • 10/4 RM – 9 day art museum tour with a friend in Europe
  • 10/7 Jin – fishing
  • 10/9 V – daily life w/ Yeontan
  • 10/10 Jimin – Paris & Hawaii
  • 10/11 Jungkook – Muscle Bunny’s workout


Suga’s video was released on October 2. In it, he goes with Jin on a relaxing fishing trip. They set sail at night…


…and began fishing at dawn, away from civilization and all its busyness.


After reeling in their big catches of the day, Suga and Jin shared a meal…


…and napped the day away!


Check out the log here:


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